iPhone 6S Ringtone IC Repair Service

$120.00 $54.99
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This service will resolve the issue:

  • Damaged Ringtone IC
  • Please Ship the complete unit (Please contact us if you need to ship the logic board only)
  • 60 days warranty, as long as the void label is not damaged

How this work:

1. Purchase the service you need
2. Leave a note describing problem & passcode if any
3. Please make sure the device is packed securely before mailing it to us

6613 20th AVE
Brooklyn, NY 11204

4. We will start repairing the device once it is received
5. All devices will be packed securely before return shipping (USPS priority mail)


Our TAT is around 1~3 days, most order finish on the first day.

  • Please write down the PayPal ID, user name, and return shipping address on a paper if you don’t have a printer
  • We will ship to the PayPal confirmed address only
  • More insurance will be available upon request ($50.00 included)

Please ship your device to the following address.

6613 20th AVE
Brooklyn, NY 11204


Contact Information:

1.      Please contact us through message OR Email: support@i11tech.com
2.      Text/Call (917) 780-2398
3.      Please include your Username/PayPal ID in all communication